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Reviews: Cell Services

These days, choosing a new mobile phone normally means committing to a lengthy and expensive contract. These be over two years in duration sometimes and often tie you to a single handset as well.

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The Internet of (What?!?!) Things

For starters, I want to say that I think the term “Internet of Things” is odd in and of itself. It most definitely does NOT roll off of the tongue and it can be difficult to just slip it into a sentence.

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2017 Tech Trends

2017 has been a crazy year full of amazing and downright mind-boggling advancements and reveals in technology. With CES 2017 bringing us all kinds of crazy innovations, our minds are left wondering what on earth could possibly be next.

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How Smart Technologies are Transforming Businesses

Technology is all around us. From smart cars to smart watches, technology has taken center stage. But as much as our personal lives have been impacted by technology, the business world has been revolutionized almost beyond recognition.

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Computer Engineering

With the exponential rise in technological advancement, computer engineering is perhaps one of the fastest growing degrees out there. The benefits of such education include long-term job security and growth as well as a nice paycheck straight out.

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The Perks of Amazon Prime

You’ve no doubt heard of Amazon Prime and maybe even scrunched your brow in confusion about why a person would pay to be a member of the site just to shop. The truth, however, is that this membership can be wonderful and actually save you money for year.